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Temperature Controlled Shipping | Frozen and Refrigerated Shipping 

Fortio Solutions can help you source reliable capacity for nationwide refrigerated shipping across all modes – temperature-controlled full truckload shipping, temperature-controlled LTL transportation, and temp-controlled rail.

Achieve optimal outcomes and streamline your cold chain operations through our world-class service, niche expertise, and managed transportation approach.

We can help you lock in reliable refrigerated/reefer equipment year-round. Or when capacity is stretched thin because of seasonal influx, Fortio Solutions can help your organization secure reliable spot transportation for your refrigerated freight.


Streamline Frozen and Refrigerated Shipping

Refrigerated trailers resemble their dry shipping counterparts; however, they come equipped with temperature control capabilities. They are used to safely transport temperature-sensitive product or perishable goods.

While as critical for domestic transport as dry trailers, refrigerated shipping is more specialized and less a part of most carriers’ operations. Thus, less capacity is available for your temperature-critical product. The reality of this situation requires strategic carrier choice to keep costs at a minimum.

Additionally, most specialized frozen and refrigerated carriers operate on a regional level, requiring you to manage multiple carrier relationships at once. Having numerous points of contact and disparate data sources makes it difficult to gain widespread visibility into your network and to fully optimize your temperature-controlled shipping.

Streamline this complicated process by working with Fortio Solutions. Acting as your single point of contact, we can manage multiple carrier relationships on your behalf, identifying areas for improvement and cost savings throughout your cold chain network. Our temperature-controlled shipping experts work with you to provide critical insight into your logistics network to improve performance.

Learn how to take control of temperature-controlled shipping. Gain a competitive edge and better outcomes in the world of refrigerated freight.

FSMA Compliance for Refrigerated Freight Shippers

As experts in food and retail logistics, our carrier network is comprised of food-grade equipment and service providers that understand federal regulations and your customers’ strict requirements.

We are certified in Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations and can help ensure compliance during all points of transport.

When cargo has the potential for spoilage, you can’t risk working with an untrustworthy service provider. Fortio Solutons requires carrier partners within our network to meet strict safety and service standards, as set forth by the DOT and FMCSA.

Rest assured that frozen or refrigerated freight moved with Fortio Solutions will arrive safely to its destination.

Order Visibility and Tracking for Temperature Controlled Transport 

With our Summit tool and automated shipment updates, Fortio Solutions’ customers gain real-time visibility to the location and status of their orders.

Never again wonder about the status of your shipment.

Traditional Uses for Frozen and Refrigerated Shipping

  • Shipping of perishable food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products

  • Shipping of frozen product

  • During hotter months of the year

When to Use Temperature-Controlled LTL Transportation or Temperature-Controlled FTL as a Solution

  • Prevention of altitude issues

  • Protection from freezing, sub-zero temperatures

  • Any time a controlled environment is required

Interested in learning more about the benefits of temperature-controlled shipping, or looking to move a frozen or refrigerated order?

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